Now You Can Get Back The Passion and Intimacy, Without Asking 

Your Partner To "Work On The Relationship"

There is ONE THING that can magically transform your relationship - especially when you're the only one who wants to do something about it.


From the desk of

Tom Greissler, M.Sc., M.A.

Vienna, Austria.

Dear Friend,


have you ever looked in the mirror and thought


"Wow, I thought my relationship would be different. I thought we had something special. 


Why is all the passion gone, why does the distance between us seem to grow bigger every day?


And the more I try to do something about it, the more I feel pushed away, being ignored by my partner."

Ever felt that your relationship should be different? You are not alone!

Life gets in the way - there are so many things and situations that need your attention - and your energy.


All day, every day.


Whether it's taking care of the kids or your parents, commuting to work, going groceries shopping, getting the car repaired... 


Having to phone up and apologize to your most important client, or filing your taxes, or purchasing presents, or throwing birthday parties.


Then it’s the evening, and you’re exhausted.


But you still want to be a good mother or father, and an attractive spouse to your partner.


But you are lucky if you can stay awake until the kids are finally asleep,

or until your partner comes home late from work.


And after a day like that, you are THEN supposed to have a fulfilling love life, full of hot steamy passion...


Right? - Yeah, right.


And day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year, the emotional distance between your partner and yourself grows bigger.


And slowly, you begin to question your relationship, your marriage.


You begin to make mental notes of each and every single detail that annoys you in your partner.


And you begin to remember those annoyances more and more often than the joyful ones.


And by doing so, you attract those frustrating situations, those arguments and fights even more.


You know that, ultimately, if you just let this continue and let life take its course this inevitably leads to separation, to divorce.


Almost 50% of all Marriages in the US end in Divorce

In the United States, the divorce rate is nearly double that of 1960.


The average first marriage that ends in divorce lasts about eight years


And things get worse the 2nd (and 3rd) time around:


60% of all second marriages end in divorce,

and a shocking 73% of all third marriages.


Let me tell you - I understand what it's really like to want to rescue your relationship, to breathe new life into it, before it's too late!


I've been there myself.


I met my wife Anne on January 31st, 2000, in a club in Vienna / Austria, at a birthday party of a friend.


And we totally fell in love. (cue the romantic music :-) )


2004, our son Theodor was born; 2008 our daughter Anastasia followed.


And the things I described above, they are an actual excerpt of my relationship at that time - slowly but surely, the passion faded away.


We began to drift apart.


At first, I didn't really notice it - because having two young children tends to automatically focus your attention on the kids, and not on your relationship.


And unconsciously, I tried to subdue my desire for passion, for emotions, telling myself that it's normal that we were more like roommates than lovers.


Then, I had an epiphany.

My epiphany

It was your typical family vacation - we had spent the last two weeks in Spain on holidays at the beach.


The children had a great time playing on the beach, Anne was reading a lot, I played games on my iPad.


We were living life like we were at home - spending the time more beside each other, than actively engaging with each other. But it was a nice vacation;  there were no big fights or anything like that. Business as usual.


And then it was time to go home.


The airport in Barcelona was a 1.5 hours drive away from where we were staying, and we had an early flight in the morning.


So on Sunday morning at around 5:30 am, we got into our rental car, and I was driving to the airport, my wife on the co-driver’s seat, the kids asleep in the back of the car.


Nobody was talking, and I was still kind of sleepy myself.


But there were hardly any other cars on the highway. 


The early morning sun was shining, dipping the whole scenery into a gorgeous golden orange.


So I was just lost in my thoughts, driving with 80 mph into this long right curve, where you don’t yet see where the curve ends.


I was just changing from the right to the left lane, to pass the only other car

in the vicinity, when I noticed two strange small lights appearing at end of the curve in front of me.


At first, I thought that it’s some reflection of the morning sun on a windshield of a truck driving on the other side of the highway.


But it wasn’t.


After a few seconds that seemed like an eternity, I realized that the two small lights were getting bigger, and they were the headlights of an oncoming car, driving on the wrong side of the highway, on a head-on collision course in my lane.


And I realized that because I was just passing this other car now on my right, and because there are only two lanes, I'm trapped and cannot get out of the way.


This oncoming car, possibly killing all of my sleeping family, and myself.


The time seemed to slow down extremely at that moment.


I had some thoughts and pictures flashing into my mind,


of the vacation that we just had together,

of my relationship with my wife,

and my relationship with my children.


And I thought


“WHAT IF I DIE HERE TODAY, now, in this fatal car accident that’s about to happen?


Did I give love enough? 

Did I know what I want from my life,

and did I try my best to achieve it?


Or did I let things slide,

Did I let life just happen to me,

until - now - it’s too late?”


And then somehow, the reality and the deadly danger of the situation completely, sunk in, and I snapped out of my thoughts violently.


I stomped on the pedal, and with squeaking brakes, I was able to slow down enough so that I could get behind the other car on the right and turn the steering wheel to get back on the right lane.


Not a second later, the oncoming car on the left lane passed our car.


Very close, but no accident. 


But it hit me.


On the rest of the journey, to the airport, on the plane, driving back home,

I was visibly shaking.


And I couldn’t stop thinking about that, for so long, ...

I had let life just happen to me.

I had taken my relationship for granted, without really taking responsibility for it, without thinking about what I want, without deciding what my life with my wife should be like, should feel like.


When my wife Anne and I are happy together, there is nothing that could stop us, nothing that life could throw at us that we couldn’t deal with, together.


This is when one plus one equals much more than two.


Together, we are more than just each of us, separately.


But whenever we’re arguing or fighting or - the worst situation - when we are ignoring each other, then


One plus one is less than one.


In these situations, we drag each other down, and each of us feels less than what we would be alone. And this is when we feel alone with our frustrations, when we have serious doubts about our relationship together.


I decided to take on this challenge to rescue my relationship.


So I went and searched everything related to relationships that I could find.


I bought books and courses, I went to seminars and workshops about relationships and intimacy, about communication between women and men, about rituals in relationships, about psychology... you name it. 


I even managed to bring Anne along for some of the workshops.


Not all of them were very good, though.


But there was one thing that kept recurring over and over again, throughout all the programs and books and seminars.


I discovered...



The visionary method
that works like a magic spell 

Once I recognized this one thing, appearing in different forms and under different names, in all the books and courses and programs and workshops and seminars.


I thought - “There must be something to it.”


I started to apply it in my relationship, in my own life.


And I found that it worked like a true magic spell - it magically transformed my relationship with my wife Anne.


My relationship became more and more what I envisioned as my dream relationship, as my ideal relationship.


Now, we not only spend MORE time together,


but more importantly we spend more QUALITY time together. 


Actively, taking care of our needs - her needs AND my needs.


Our relationship feel much more playful than before.


We joke around, we have fun together. We laugh together!


And also, we are not afraid to share our sorrow and our pain with each other.


We go out more often.


And yes, we make passionate love again, like we did when we met each other in 2000.


We also know when we need a little more time and more space for our selves.


We are more aware of each other’s needs and how to meet them.


And, it seems to affect the people around us! 


Our kids noticed that something has changed, that  we behave differently, that we treat each other with more respect, and that we show our love for each other more often and more openly.


Friends see us walking hand in hand on the street, and they stop us and smile, making a comment like  “Hey you two love bugs? Get a room!


But more often than not, those friends then get serious and ask us. They want to know what happened, what has caused this visible change in our relationship.


I mean, they can see it, they can feel our renewed love for each other.


And at first, I felt guilty for having such a loving relationship again.


Because I knew that some of those friends didn’t have much of a relationship left, and I didn’t want to hurt their feelings. I didn’t want to show off my excitement and affection and my love in front of them.


But they kept asking  “What happened? How come you are like teenagers again?”


So I somewhat reluctantly started to explain to them this thing that I discovered:


The Vision Spell.
Works every time. Guaranteed.

The name is no coincidence, it really works like a magic spell.


You have to do the right things, in the right order, and you will achieve the same result just like I have, just like my friends and all the others who have tried it have. 


It works every time. Guaranteed.


When you cast Your Vision Spell, you are in tune with your relationship and yourself.


You will identify what you want from your relationship, from your partner.


And you will learn how to get it.


And unlike couples counseling or therapy,  you don’t need to drag your partner along with it in order to make it work.


Your partner doesn’t even have to know that you are doing it! They can be completely unaware that you are casting your Vision Spell


But he or she will see the changes in you, and the changes in your relationship.


And then, just like our friends did, your spouse will probably want to know what happened, what has changed, and why.


And then you can share it, and let them also experience it.


But, again, the truly revolutionary thing is that The Vision Spell works on your relationship...



It Works Even If Your Partner Does Not Want To "Work On The Relationship"


So, how does it work?


I will tell you the three secrets behind The Vision Spell:


The first secret:


We tend to manifest the things that we focus on.


We manifest them not because they magically appear out of nowhere, but because our mind pays more attention to situations that could give you that thing, or that feeling that you focus on.


The second secret:


We tend to know better what we don’t want, than what we want.


Don’t you agree?


Try it for yourself - it’s way easier to describe all the things that annoy you in your relationship and in your partner, than to describe the things that you really enjoy, right?


And if you focus on those things that you don’t want - guess what happens?


Your mind pays more attention to those things that you don’t want and it makes you notice those things more often.


Bummer, right?


And the third secret - and, to be honest, this was the most irritating one to me:


You alone are 100% responsible for your experience of life.


You can choose what you focus on, every minute of your life.


By not letting it happen unconsciously, by taking responsibility and deciding where you put your focus, you change how you experience yourself, your relationship, your partner, your surroundings, your life.

The Vision Spell is a program that I created, that puts these three secrets into practice.


Just like I did with my friends, I guide you to find out what it is that you really want from your relationship. What kind of feelings, emotions and experiences you need from your partner.


And it helps you to focus on those things, feelings, emotions, experiences that you want in your relationship


And thereby manifesting what you want in your relationship.


You are guided through a series of exercises that you do while you are listening listening to my voice - in "real time", so to speak. You don't lose the momentum by putting it off.


And in doing those exercises,  you will find out what Your Ideal Relationship looks like, what it feels like. How you treat each other, what you experience together. 


Now, please note: I’m not giving you a model of how the vision of your relationship should be.


I’m not a guru, I'm not telling you what you should want from your relationship.


But I'm guiding you, coaching you, helping you discover what you already know, deep inside. 


What you want.

What you need.

What kind of emotions.

And what kind of deep feelings you like to experience in your relationship.


Feelings and situations that you experienced before, and that are long gone.


And maybe even new feelings and situations, that you couldn’t describe before, or that you were too afraid to ask for.


We will find out together what you can do every day to get closer to your vision of your ideal relationship.


How you can make that Vision of your Ideal Relationship REAL..

The Vision Spell is proven, it works - if you follow the easy process.


There are exercises - they will only take a few minutes of your time, and they are very easy to do.


I will guide you through, I will tell you exactly what to do, step by step, while you are doing it. 


I can show you the way.


But you have to take the first step.


Think about it - how long have you been struggling with those problems in your relationship?


How many more days would you say do you have left, until you're one of the 50% of all relationships or marriages that end in separation?


Change Your Relationship Forever

What would it be worth to you, to magically transform your relationship into your dream relationship?


What would it be worth to you to wake up every day, smiling, feeling the total, honest, complete love of your partner that will never go away? 


What would it be worth to you to think about the passionate, naughty love making that you experienced the night before? 


What do you think would be a fair price for “The Vision Spell”?


If you’re being completely honest, I bet you’d say that $197 or even more

would be totally fair to change your relationship forever.


See, you could go to the shop on the Couplific website right now, and get “The Vision Spell” for $197. And I'd be absolutely convinced that you would feel that the program is worth every penny.


But I want to get more testimonials and case studies of people like you - people who take action, people who take responsibility for their relationship.


Because I hope that my story resonates with you, and I hope you will use the secrets in "The Vision Spell" and then share your story and your experiences with me.


That's why you are not going to pay $197 today.


In fact, I want you to have more power, be more in control, be well equipped for the everyday life in your relationship.


To make it your dream relationship


Together with your partner.

So, let me give you this gift:

 Here Is What You Are Getting: 

In addition to "The Vision Spell" 5 day program, I will give you access to the bonus module “Our Shared Vision”, as a gift.


Once you have done the exercises, you and your partner will experience all the exciting positive changes in your relationship.


And the chances are that he or she will probably want to know what happened, what you did, what is causing all these changes.


You can then listen and work through this new bonus module "Our Shared Vision" together with your partner, to create your shared relationship vision.


All the other modules you can and you should do by yourself,


But when the time comes that you want to share it with your partner, you have this bonus module available.


And you get it as a gift, today.



really want you to have this - because, as I mentioned before, I want to know what you think, I really want to get your feedback.


So let me do one more thing - I want to make this easy for you, I want you to feel all the way deep in your heart that you’re getting an incredible deal that you can be proud of.


You also get...


You also get lifetime access to the “My Magic Minute” Program.


You learn my special healing meditation exercise that you can do daily (even multiple times a day), so you can focus on and strengthen the good things in your relationship.


It only takes a minute, but it gives you an incredible emotional boost for the rest of the day.


You get online access and you can also download the audio files and put them on your smartphone, so you can listen and do the exercise wherever and whenever you want.


The voice and the music will trigger your mind and remind you to be grateful and mindful of all the joyful, enchanting and intimate moments in your relationship.



And if you’re still not convinced, I also got this three additional very special presents for you, just for saying “Yes” to the “The Vision Spell” today:




My gift to you, for saying “Yes” to “The Vision Spell” today - my "101 Relationship Rituals" Training Guide.


You get more than one hundred ideas for little magical rituals in your relationship.


Sensuous rituals.

Spirited rituals.

Mesmerizing rituals.

Rejuvenating rituals.


Just try one ritual every day, and chose your favorite ones that you make into a habit.


You will also receive this:

You get the “Mend The Marriage” System as a gift, if you take action today!


In this book, we cover dozens of typical stressful situations in a relationship, and how to resolve them, for example:


  • Hearing vs. Listening (Page 9)
  • How to deal with jealousy in your relationship (Page 38)
  • What the "Magic Word" is in a marriage (Page 20)
  • How to deal with money and each other's spending styles (Page 16)
  • How you can share your fears and insecurities (Page 34)
  • How you can explore common interests, while not being afraid to cultivate your own interests (Page 36)



Your final present is something a bit shocking.


In fact, I can’t give this to everyone,


But if you act now, you’ll get...



Note: I will probably need to take this "Sensual Secret" Training down soon - it's a bit too naughty and provocative for some people's taste.


I can only list a few "safe" topics here, you will have to check out everything else on those 54 pages yourself:

  • How to get back into flirting mode (Page 20)
  • The art of writing a love letter (Page 49)
  • How to make your love life naughty again (Page 9)
  • How to make your daily life more erotic and exciting
  • How to get your partner to take the romantic lead (Page 34)
  • Ideas for romantic date nights (Page 45)



So, To Recap...

Let’s see what you are getting

  • The Vision Spell” main program, normally selling for $197
  • The “Our Shared Vision” bonus module, selling for $37
  • The “My Magic Minute” program, normally $67


You also get

  • The "101 Relationship Rituals" Training  selling for $19.90
  • The "Mend the Marriage" System, for $14.90
  • "The Sensual Secret" Training, for $19.90


If you were checking out at the supermarket, that would all add up to 




But if you take action right now, you will not pay for each of the gifts,


and you won't even pay the everyday price of $197 for "The Vision Spell"


AND you get all the gifts on top


For just a one-time payment
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(87% Savings off the normal everyday price)




Oh. And in case you're wondering...




Of course there's a money-back guarantee.


In fact, I think it's ...




The BOLDEST Guarantee In The World

Here’s how it works:


Just enroll in “The Vision Spell” program right now.

Read and listen through everything, do the exercises. 


Experience for yourself, how much more fun, love and passion will appear in your relationship, if you know and apply this magical secret.


Enjoy all the gifts.


And if you don’t think that the program is worth at least double what you’re paying today, just contact me at any time in the next 60 days, and you’ll get every dime back as fast as we can.


There are no hoops to jump through, you don’t have to fill out a survey, or have to speak to a human.


And even if you ask for your money back, you can still keep everything.


That’s right.


You have 60 days to experience “The Vision Spell” and all the gifts.


And if you are not completely convinced,


even if you just don’t like my weird accent 


or the passion in my voice when I tend to get loud


Just ask for your money back, and we will return the full amount, and you can still keep everything, you don’t have to send anything back.


No questions asked.


Oh, and one more thing:


I know there are some websites out there that offer you a great deal on something, but then they stick you in some program that charges your card every month.

This isn't one of them.


There's NO hidden "continuity program" you have to try ...or anything even remotely like that. 


Here's What To Do Next

All you have to do to take advantage of this amazing deal is to click the big colored button below this letter right now.



Then on the next page, you fill in your payment details, using your credit card or debit card.


Once you do that, you'll get your special login credentials via email within the next 60 seconds.


So you can immediately access "The Vision Spell" and all of your gifts on your phone, tablet or computer, anywhere you want, anytime you need it.


There is one thing to keep in mind, though:


Time Is Of The Essence

I don’t know about you, but if I was at a store and got more than 300 bucks worth of stuff for less than 50 bucks I’d feel like I won the lottery...


Now why am I being so generous?

Because I want this for you. I want you to experience this incredible power and pleasure in your relationship.


And - as I mentioned  before - because I want to get more case studies and testimonials for this program, of people like you, people who take action.


But here’s the thing: 

As soon as we’ve got enough case studies, 
the price will go up.

Whenever that is.


So please, if you come back in a few hours or tomorrow and you can’t get the discount anymore - 


Please don’t write me begging.


If you pass it up now, there’s just nothing I can do for you.


But don’t forget - with my 60 day “no questions asked” guarantee, you are risking nothing...


This Is Truly A Limited Offer

Order Now For A One-Time Payment Of $47



Thanks for taking the time to read this letter!


I look forward to hearing from you soon!



Tom Greissler






P.S. In case you're on of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:


I'm offering you a 5 part online program called "The Vision Spell" that enables you to envision, create and keep your ideal relationship - all by yourself, without requiring your partner to "work on the relationship" with you.


I'm also giving you the “Our Shared Vision” bonus module (if you want to do it together with your partner, later on), the “My Magic Minute” mindfulness meditation program, the "101 Relationship Rituals" Training , the "Mend the Marriage" System, and "The Sensual Secret" Training, as gifts, all for free.


The total value of everything included is $355.70.


Your price today is a one-time payment of $47.


This is a very limited offer, because I'm doing a marketing test - as soon as I have enough testimonials and case studies, this offer will be gone and you can only purchase "The Vision Spell" without the free gifts for the regular price of $197.


There is no "catch" to this offer. You will not be signing up for any "trial" to some monthly program or anything like that.


In fact, if you don't like any of the products for any reason, let me know within 60 days and I'll refund the full $47 to you - no questions asked. You don't even need to send anything back, and can keep everything.


Click here and order now. You won't regret it.




P.P.S.  Do you know what people find irresistibly attractive in their partners? - Decisiveness! The ability to see something you want - and to go after it! 


If you feel like there's a canyon between you and your partner, if you aren't getting your emotional and physical needs met - make this easy decision right now. You've got nothing to lose.


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